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Our servicing visit to your door starts with a consultation with the relevant person on your site who would normally be responsible for the doors. This gives our engineer the opportunity to discuss the safest way to proceed and identify, intermittent problems or concerns you may have with the entrance.

We normal take between 45 minutes and 1 hour 25 minutes to service a normal automatic door in which time it may be necessary to protect the entrance by using barriers (If this is not convenient we can arrange a more suitable time as we aim to keep disruption to your business to a mimimum)

Our engineers follow exacting standards whilst servicing and maintaining your automatic doors. 

Please click on the documents below, which illustrate the procedures all engineers are required to follow whilst working on your door(s).​​


(Planned Preventative Maintenance)

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"Correctly servicing your automatic door, not only increases longevity of your investment but also protects the traffic using the entrance"

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