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Sliding Doors

The Record STA20/21 (System 20) Sliding door operator is, in our opinion, the quietest automatic sliding door on the market. Combining silent, super smooth operation with unrivalled reliability, the system offers multiple operational modes from the Digital program selector, which is easy to use and informative. Installed with the 290 series sensors which are linked by can-bus data communication and integral to the system. The 290 series sensors are constantly communicating with the operator’s microprocessor allowing them to react to changes to the environment and eliminating the false activations, offering some of the most advanced and safest sensors on the market.

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Energy efficiency: using less than 90 watts when operational and as little as 25 watts when dormant the system 20 includes a reduced opening operational mode be programmed to allow a restrict opening width reducing the amount of energy lost by a building, as this could cause congestion at busy times. Linked to the 290 series sensors the “Auto width” system can be programmed to open the doors to the full width if both the external and internal sensors are triggered simultaneously by traffic. The 290 series sensors track traffic around the entrance only opening the entrance for traffic using the entrance which is ideal for entrances on busy payments.

Security: You can be confident of leaving your entrance secured with the VRR locking, including a motor driven lock for reliability and security which is monitored by 4 separate systems with the facility for the microprocessor to communicate with the intruder alarm confirming the entrance is secure not just closed. With the advanced software it is possible to use the locking system when security is needed and with a simple press of a button change back to a fast acting automatic door without the restrictions of the locking system at other times.

Technology: The system 20 offers unrivalled functionality, including air lock – interlocking systems, multiple digital program selectors with a mounting distance of up to 500 meters from operator. Programmable inputs, versatile connectivity to access control and building management systems allowing remote management of the sliding door.

Safety: With monitored closed loop inputs from systems such as fire alarms, break glass units or panic buttons including constant surveillance of its integral emergency unit you can be confident the system 20 will open in an emergency.

Functionality: with the versatility offered by the system 20 we can provide many bespoke systems without the need for complicated and sometimes unreliable 3 party systems.

* Panic close and lock (Designed for building where sometimes immediate security is important)

Door Bell offering an audible alert, not when the door opens which is great on a busy pavement, but when the door opens      and a person is detected walking through the entrance.

Air lock – Interlock with the addition of the additional communication upgrades it is possible to control 2 entrances so only      one entrance is ever open at any time, this can be tailored to include traffic lights and user control over when the doors          open.

* Dead man control, where the doors only move with constant signal from a push button or other device.

* Programmable outputs, offering customers many different interfaces with other systems (its even possible to have the            operator trigger lights when the door opens)

The system 20 /21 also offers:

* integral motor driven locking which allows automatic security to the entrance.

* multiple mounting applications including

Single sliding, Bi-Parting, Telescopic with combined door weights of up to 300kg​