The Record DFA 127 has become an industry standard for quality and reliability. The system offers multiple mounting and operational applications and has an exceptionally diverse technology allowing versatility in its applications. The DFA 127 is energy efficient microprocessor controlled operator which is constantly monitoring door movement to ensure safe reliable operations.

Energy efficiency: using less than 67 watts when operational and as little as 13 watts when dormant, the products energy efficiency is unrivalled, using less electricity that a normal filament light bulb. The DFA functionality includes an isolate function for pairs of doors allowing one leaf to be easily disabled by the user for entrances where double doors are only needed at peak times.

Versatility: to allow low energy operation with manual use of the entrance with separate closing speed adjustments for manual control and powered operation. The DFA 127 is equally capable controlling fast acting fully automatic entrances and strong enough to drive door leafs up to 500 kg while offering safety you can be confident in.

Silent operation or nearly silent (18db). The DFA 127 can be considered for use in applications such as domestic homes, hospitals, libraries, galleries, where a normal automatic door could be impractical.

Control: with the many programmable functions to the microprocessor it is possible to allow multiple controls for the entrance, including activations sensor, push pads, buttons, access control systems, wireless fobs, proximity systems and building management systems. 

Technology: with one of the most advanced operating systems in the marketplace the DFA 127 offers multiple lock controls allowing many different types of electric locking systems to be installed on the door reliably with adjustable delays for unlocking. While in applications with duel use doors the operator can revert to fully automatic when security is not needed without affecting the performance of the entrance. The can-bus networking system allows seamless interfaces between pairs of DFA’s and multiple controls over the entrance through the digital program selector.

Mounting possibilities: with choices of parallel arm with integral door stop or articulated arm with optional drive mounted stop the DFA 127 with it’s advanced calibration allowing versatility in mounting applications not only above the door where you would expect the drive to be located, but for entrances with unusual doors or limited room. The DFA can be fitted on the door or an adjacent wall or structure. Leaver adaptors allow the DFA to be positioned within a roof void or above obstructions on a frame without weakening the installation.

Style: with a 85 mm brushed stainless steel cover as standard the DFA brings an air of quality to the entrance. With installations of 2 DFA operators on the same entrance, additional cover and chassis sections can be used to give the effect of one continual cover. We also offer the DFA 127 and its components in any standard RAL colour or other specialist metal finishes.

Fire Doors can be automated confidently with the DFA which has been approved for use on smoke and fire protection doors, for with the fire rated “F” unit or with the Inverse DFA which is a certificated mechanical open device. 

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